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[09 Aug 2020|12:01am]


I miss playing Loki. Would anyone be open to discussing a psl with him? I'll consider a game, too.
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[09 Aug 2020|12:19am]


Anyone want a gpsl in the Fatal Frame fandom? OCs or Canons or both would be a-okay. If you just want a PSL, then I don't lesby but I do hetty. Maybe even slash if that waddles your paddles because dude, fatal frame needs some penis up in there. so many ladies. argh. (all beautiful and pristine)

Final Fantasy Next Generation in the worlds of FF8, FF7, FF10, FFT, and FF13 or even FF15. Whatever floats your boat. No one has ever done Final fantasy Next Gen. *taps chin.* Wonder why.
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[08 Aug 2020|07:53pm]


the journal is a work in progress, but does anyone still write matt murdock from the netflix marvel verse of daredevil that would be interested in something with my elektra? i'm hoping for something that can be a little smutty at times, but also involves world & character building. customs, scenes, narratives...all the fun things! i could also be interested in playing her against other guys from the netflix marvel verse (mainly frank castle & billy russo from punisher) but matt is certainly at the top of my list
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[08 Aug 2020|07:02pm]
looking for some slash fandom sls to fill my free time! journals only for now.

the hunger games: i'd like to play peeta against gale, either in something where they're both chosen in the reaping because it's an all-male hunger games or something where gale is the previous year's victor. or we can follow the game plot and have it where peeta and gale had the relationship that gale and katniss had and go from there. also open to playing or playing against ocs.

harry potter: i'd like to play sirius against remus, in either era. also open to playing a trio era oc.

mythology: nothing too specific here, willing to work in either roman or greek mythology, or even old guard lore. perhaps even something percy jackson-esque with the children of gods?

also open to some general fandom-y things such as vampires (maybe even the true blood universe), magic/witchcraft, superheroes (i'm more comfortable playing ocs but would play against an mcu character), time travel, etc.
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[07 Aug 2020|11:29pm]


I am 30-ish F if that matters to you. Looking for m/m lines pretty much. Prefer darker, angst, hurt/comfort, plot based lines, (open to some AU like soulmates or ABO)
-Looking for a Brock Rumlow Steve or a Tony Stark to my Bucky and depending on your likes/dislikes usually have a plot idea or two.
-Also play Doctor Strange (would love a Tony or a Peter for him) and Wade Wilson/Deadpool (open to Peter, Clint, random pairings, he's an odd ball) and up for most other m/m pairings. Also open to playing Tony Stark for the right line myself but it would only be the second time doing so

Star Trek Reboot: I have a Khan muse open for Kirk or an augment from his crew OC
Historical: Looking for OC role-plays (or maybe some AU depends) ancient Greece or Rome particularly an Achilles/Patroclaus line, or something gladiator based, WW1, WW2. Open to these as an AU in some cases or with OCs in other cases
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[07 Aug 2020|12:56am]


Still looking to pick up a line or two for Gabriel from Supernatural who’s been buggering my brain lately thanks to a rewatch. I’m pretty open season on canon mates with him and crossovers aren’t out of the question either. Lay ‘em on me. I know canon is kind of limited so I do have ideas for AU and fix its. Shippy or gen.

If gpsl is more your thing he’s over at [info]waywardranch too.
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It's Morphin' Time! [07 Aug 2020|05:36am]


Looking to write Tommy Oliver again. Any takers?
Can pull from either TV or BOOM! Comics canon.
Crossovers also welcome!
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[06 Aug 2020|05:42pm]


Gladio to complete the chocobros over at [info]winterdale. Or other FFXV characters in general. Cloud just got a couple of chocobos and they deserve all the love.
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[06 Aug 2020|12:41pm]


would love to pick up a writing-only line or two playing ginny. open to all sorts of pairings, het or femme, canon or au, time travel, potential crossovers, etc. i'm open! comments are screened here and in the journal.
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[06 Aug 2020|02:48pm]


Fandom Supernatural
Line request for Sam Winchester
All fandoms welcome
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[06 Aug 2020|11:52am]


bring your the 100 characters over at [info]uamod.
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[05 Aug 2020|08:35pm]


[info]boltonlake I had a thought about something for/with Ben Hargreeves if one is interested? We do have a newly introed Klaus.
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[05 Aug 2020|10:22am]


Hey kids, just doing the rounds looking for a good old fashioned Gravity Falls RP!

For anyone still into this rad ass fandom, my boys are:
- Mainly Stanford, can't lie there.
- Dipper Pines
- Stanley Pines
- Bill Cipher
- Fiddleford MckGucket

And any side characters we need to throw about. My main muse will always be BillFord, but heck, willing to roll other junk just the same. Totally love dumb brother dramatics and fun plots between those two, mentor/apprentice junk with Dipper and Ford, definitely here for younger Fidds/Stan, BillDip, and really a whole slew of nonsense. Hit me up! And if we lost contact in the past well heck, double hit me up!
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[04 Aug 2020|08:00pm]


Crazy idea, maybe a GPSL, anyone up for a genderflipped Dresden Files line, or an AU, genderflipped/'good and evil' realities and normal realities collide
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[04 Aug 2020|06:35am]


I have no idea if the fandom's alive at all, but any Gastons or Beasts out there that'd like to write against a LeFou for just general shippy stuff? Flub up some canon, give people curses, give 'em happy endings. I'd be up for some OT3 stuff where it's Gaston and LeFou both who end up stuck at the Beast's castle, too.
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[01 Aug 2020|07:22pm]


Anyone still doing Marvel rp?

Searching for slash or het lines for my muses. Have tons of plot ideas for nearly any character pairings.

Check the journal for more details and don't hesitate to hit me up.
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[30 Jul 2020|08:34am]


Searching for Cassian!

We could play many things -

* Amnesia AU

* Arranged Marriage (within the Rebellion OR Empire!Jyn x Cassian-on-a-mission!)

* Aphrodisiac or Sex Pollen

* Force Bond AU

* Or other Jyn-is-an-Imperial, Cassian-is-on-a-mission AU's! (Original flavor, where she's got information he needs, he just needs to get closer in order to find it, the stranded AU, where they need to survive by any means necessary and it gets very cold at night aboard their grounded transport, or she finds and cares for a wounded Cassian)

* Reunited after a long time apart

* For the sake of a mission, they have to really sell the idea that they're ~intimately acquainted

* Long distance fun sexy times via comm or Space Skype, idk.

* Accidental proposal / marriage

* Sparring goes sexy

* After seeing this, I'm interested in something where Jyn wakes up injured in the wake of Scarif only to find a younger Cassian taking care of her.

Or, honestly, anything based off this artist's beautiful Rebelcaptain pieces!

Bring me your ideas, too!
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Hamilton the musical 🌟 [03 Aug 2020|07:03pm]


Please ignore the journal.

I'm currently seeking a psl with characters from the musical Hamilton. I would prefer the line to be active/serious and I'm open to many ideas involving this particular fandom. I also don't mind fun little AUs.

I would really love an active Angelica or Eliza! I have a few ideas I would love to explore/write.

Thanks! 💕
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[03 Aug 2020|01:10am]


One Angel (English, intelligent, and gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide) seeking one (really quite nice) Demon.

Possibly to wonder if the apocalypse was actually averted or just delayed (and moved to America).
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[02 Aug 2020|11:20pm]


Jane Foster, Thor. [info]boltonlake
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